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Author Photo by Rachel M. Lilly  

Light’s Reservoir, a lovely sequel to Rebecca Lilly’s collection of butterfly haiku, A Prism of Wings, is another triumph, combining philosophy, botany, and poetry in ways that allow us to share the author’s emotional and intellectual joy in the wildflowers we all too often take for granted or know little about. This is a book which will open your heart and your mind. And once again the full-color plates are a glorious addition. The end-notes are fascinating as well, another reason to relish Light’s Reservoir. What has been said about the earlier book is at least as true of this one. As Robert Morgan noted, “One of the special delights of A Prism of Wings is the way Rebecca Lilly combines scientific knowledge…of the natural world with precise observation,

Cover photograph by Christy Nielsen
vivid language, and startling connections. Her haiku are flashes of perception, transforming verbal prisms that give us new angles of vision. She sees the large in the small, the timeless in a moment. These poems are instants of insight, windows of wonder. This is a particularly exciting collection.” And these words from Chica Tenney apply perfectly to Light’s Reservoir: “Rebecca Lilly’s poems slide into one’s awareness as singular experiences and as subtle layers of comprehension. They bring a richness that lingers, one hopes, forever.”

Rebecca Lilly holds degrees from Cornell University (an M.F.A. in creative writing) and Princeton University (a Ph.D. in philosophy). Her other publications include four collections of poems and two books on spiritual philosophy and practice. Her author’s website,, offers information on her books as well as excerpts. She works as an assistant to a landscape architect, a position that suits her well, since she has an abiding interest in the world of nature. Rebecca Lilly lives in Port Republic, Virginia.

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ISBN 978-1-936482-51-1

Copyright © 2013 by Rebecca Lilly

5.5" x 8.5" paperback, 78 pages



Wildflower Illustrations by Rachel M. Lilly


Bloodroot’s white, to speak
from pain, not around it—from
rootstock’s bright red dye


How awareness and
world switch places: this spring rain,
speckled wood lily


Angelica’s green-white
flower clusters over moist
earth: light’s reservoir

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