Eleven Sundry Flowers  Poems by Frank Mundo with illustrations by Keith Draws

drawring of Frank Mundo and Keith Draws
Illustration by Keith Draws.  

Eleven Sundry Flowers is a lyrical collection of sonnets by Frank Mundo written as love offerings to his girlfriend over a period of eleven days and richly illuminated, each sonnet in a gorgeous setting full of fantastical flora and fauna by Keith Draws. The poems were presented to the author’s loved one, who married him not long after the presentation.

Born in Maryland, Frank Mundo was raised in Los Angeles, California. He earned his BA in English from UCLA, where he completed the creative writing program and won the school’s Poet Laureate Award nomination and its Vice Provost Award for fiction. Author of the poetry chapbook Touched by an Anglo from Kattywompus Press, Frank is best known for his novel-in-verse, The Brubury Tales, a modern take on Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales set in Los Angeles after the ’92 riots. Frank lives in Rancho Cucamonga, California with his wife Nancy and their children, Grace and Chase. A lifelong fan of illustrative literature, Frank is fascinated by the pairing of words with images, and has collaborated with artist Keith Draws for many projects over the years.

Drawing and painting have always been central to Keith Draws’ life. It started when he was a child and never left him. Keith attended art college and had a successful career in commercial art and advertising. However, the more success he achieved, the less art he created. Keith decided to walk away from the business world and focus on illustration. For more than a decade now, he has been privileged to produce art for hundreds of book covers and illustrate many books. With modern methods of digital art, Keith has been able to work uninterrupted while traveling for family visits between the U.K., the U.S. and Mexico.
  eleven sundry flowers cover image
  Cover by Keith Draws.

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ISBN 978-1-943826-85-8
First Edition, 2021
24 pages

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