Antrim House is pleased to announce the publication of Jocelyn Sloan’s long-awaited "geisha poems." Written during the last years of her life and refined in collaboration with Dale Davis, the poems have now been released in a handsome edition gorgeously illustrated by Norah Pollard and depicting samples of the poet’s sculpture. Cast in a modified version of the Japanese tanka form, the poems are memorable for their simplicity and concision. They tell the story of a geisha whose ill-advised love affair leads her to a sad end.

Jocelyn Macy Sloan was a poet with remarkable range whose poems appeared in many of the country’s most renowned publications, including Poetry and The New York Times. As a sculptor, she was honored with the Lillian Fairchild Award. Born in 1901, she lived much of her early life in the Genesee Valley of upstate New York, which she described in her first book of poems, Whatever Stars. (For a letter describing that youth, click above for the Seminar Room.) After her marriage to William Eyres Sloan, Jr., Jocelyn moved to Rochester, NY, where she made important contributions to the city's cultural life.

Norah Pollard, the illustrator of “Geisha,” is a fine poet in her own right. (See the Antrim House catalog page for her two books and CD readings.) As an artist, Pollard shares the verve and adventurous spirit of Jocelyn Sloan.

The Antrim House seminar room offers ideas for discussion & writing, images, additional biography, notes and/or new poems. Click here to view the seminar offering for Geisha.

Click here for a sample poem with illustration.


ISBN: 978-0-9792226-1-0
Length: 40 pages
Binding: 5.5" x 8.5" pamphlet style




i have seen her

with you

she is
more beautiful than i



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