Virtual Vacation Photographs and Haiku by Mary Sullivan

picture of Mary Sullivan
Photo by Brian Souza.  

Mary Sullivan’s Virtual Vacation is a stunning collection of color photos from natural settings around the world, each with a haiku relating to it. The book has received wide praise. Here are a few of the enthusiastic responses to it:

Wow! Each page made me want to go to the next page for the next treasure. The photographs are incredible and the haiku make them come alive. I tried to pick a favorite. Couldn’t do it!   
Betsy Peterson

I am instantly transported, at one with each image.  Beautifully done!   –  Laura Noel

The photos with haiku poetry are beautiful insights to the soul of Nature and the photographer. Each is unique, creating a Zen peaceful feeling.   – Lori Christianson

Mary Sullivan‘s view through the lens of her camera is different from most. Her photos capture light, details, shadows, highlights, shapes, and the ways they interact with each other. She then takes the beauty frozen in time by her camera and introduces it to the world through beautiful haiku poetry.    – Anne Sullivan

So many incredible photographs!  Their quality and variety, along with the timeless and provocative haiku accompanying them create an experience of expansion and quiet in a too-busy world.  
Jenny Piltz

Stunning photography and verse that take you right to that special place.    – Leslie Johnson

Absolutely breathtaking!    – Alexis Naito

Words fail me as my mind takes in such beauty.   – Mimi Tompkins

  Virtual Vacation cover image
  Cover photo by the author.

Mary Sullivan has been practicing photography since she was a young girl. She loves to travel and document her trips. Scenery has been the mainstay of her focus, but animals and architecture show up too. A few years ago she began adding haiku to the photos in order to deepen the viewer’s connection to them. This book was created as a virtual vacation for those who love to see new places but cannot travel.

Mary has lived in several states but now calls Hawaii home, which she shares with her husband Brian Souza and three fur babies. Learn more about Mary on her website She can also be found on Instagram at marysullivan808.

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ISBN 978-1-943826-88-9
First paperback edition, 2021
60 pages
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