Complete Catalog by Authors

Susan Allison
Down by the Riverside Ways (poetry, 2009)

Laura Altshul
Searching for the Northern Lights (poetry, 2015)

Victor Altshul
Singing with Starlings (poetry, 2015)
Ode to My Autumn (poetry, 2017)

Ina Anderson
Journey into Space (poems, 2016)

Jake Anderson
Homeless Souls (photographs & poems, 2009)

Carol A. Armstrong
Everything Waits To Be Noticed (poetry, 2011)

Emily H. Axelrod
Passerby (poems, 2015)

Don Barkin
That Dark Lake (poetry, 2009)
Houses (poetry, 2016)

Marge Rogers Barrett
CALLED The Making and Unmaking of a Nun (memoir, 2016)

Al Basile
Tonesmith (poems, 2017)

Sherri Bedingfield
Transitions & Transformations (poetry, 2010)

Polly (Laszlo) Brody
At the Flower’s Lip (poems, 2007, 2009)
The Burning Bush (essays & poetry, 2005)
Stirring Shadows (poems, 2009)

Bob Brooks
Unguarded Crossing (poems, 2011)

Miriam Brooks Butterworth
Just Say Yes (memoir, 2010)
My Felonious Friends (memoir/essay,, 2015)
Lull Before the Storm (memoir, 2017)

Katharine Carle
Divided Eye (poems, 2011)
The Uncommon Nativity of Common Things (poems, 2015)

Michael Cervas
Inside the Box (poems, 2007)
Captivated (poems, 2011)
A Wilderness of Chances (poems, 2015)

Ginny Lowe Connors
Barbarians in the Kitchen (poems, 2005)
The Unparalleled Beauty of a Crooked Line (poems, 2012)
Toward the Hanging Tree (poems, 2016)

Jeanne Weston Cook
Stunned by Illumination (poems, 2013)

Melissa Croghan
Cliff Walk (poems, 2014)

Jane D'Arista
The Overgrown Copse (poems, 2014)

Kathleen Dale
Rescue Mission (poems, 2011)

Nancy Daley
How Much of Love (poems, 2009)

Brad Davis
Though War Break Out (poems, Book I, Opening King David, 2005)
Song of the Drunkards (poems, Book II, Opening King David, 2007)
No Vile Thing (poems, Books III & IV, Opening King David, 2008)
Like Those Who Dream (poems, Book V, Opening King David, 2009)

Cheryl Della Pelle
Down to the Waters (poems, 2008)

Anne Magee Dichele
Waiting for Wisdom (poems, 2013)
Ankle Deep and Drowning (poems, 2015)

Danny Dover
Tasting Precious Metal (poems, 2014)

Jeff Dutko
Beyond the Margins (poems, 2011)

Cora M. Ekwurtzel
Such Nonsense Indoors (poems, 2017)

Priscilla Wear Ellsworth
Rutted Field of the Heart (poems, 2016)

Charles B. Ferguson
Flounder In: Fishers Island Sketches (2011)
Lee Lee: A True Tail and A Thanksgiving Story (2012)

Kate Fetherston
Until Nothing More Can Break (poems, 2012)

Carol Gabrielson Fine
A Tilted World (poems, 2015)

Steve Foley
A Place at the Table (poems, 2007)

Harper Follansbee, Jr.
In the Aftermath of Grief (poems, 2015)

Anne Carroll Fowler
The Case of the Restless Redhead (poems, 2015)

Tom Gannon
Food for a Journey (poems, 2015)

Jen Gates
Crazy Girl with Lighter (poems, 2008)

Barbara Germiat
Look, the Silence (poems, 2017)

Jessica Gigot
Flood Patterns (poems, 2015)

Jonathan Gillman
My Father, Humming (poems, 2013)

Nicholas Giosa
This Sliding Light of Day (poems, 2015)

Dick Greene
Explorations (poems, 2009)

Lorence Gutterman
Small Circles of Time (poems, 2011)

Ingrid Grenon
Simply This (poems with illustrations, 2009)

Joan Joffe Hall
In Angled Light (Selected Poems, 2004)

Nick Harris
Learning to Love (Poems, 2010)

Marye Gail Harrison
Full Face to the Light (Poems, 2010)

Doris Henderson
What Gets Lost (poems, 2009)

Hill-Stead Museum's Young Poets Competition
Fresh Voices (poems, 2014)

Lynn Hoffman
Like Fire Catching Wind (poems, 2006)

Joan Hofmann
Coming Back (poems, 2014)

Kevin Hogan
My Ríastrad (poems, 2015)

Deming Holleran
Gypsy Song (poems, 2014)

Sara Ingram
Sounds of House and Wood (poems, 2013)

Bob Jacob
Perspective: Hospice Poems (poems, 2008)

Brooke Herter James
The Widest Eye (poems, 2016)

Cecelia D. Johnson
Oh Days of Happy Memory (poems, 2013)

Joel F. Johnson
Where Inches Seem Miles (poems, 2013)

Marilyn E. Johnston
Silk Fist Songs (poems, 2008)
Weight of the Angel (poems, 2009)

Arlene Swift Jones
God, Put Out One of My Eyes (a memoir, 2010)

Joan Kantor
Shadow Sounds (poems, 2010)

Phyllis Beck Katz
All Roads Go Where They Will (poems, 2010)
Migrations (poems, 2013)

Les Kay
Kilco Co (Vietnam Memoir, 2015)

Margaret Keane - Sister Marie Michael Keane
Love Like This (poems, 2011)

Jim Kelleher
Quarry (poems, 2008)
Mick: A Celestial Drama (poems, 2011)

Elizabeth Kincaid-Ehlers
Seasoning (poems, 2009)
How Do I Hate Thee? - A Sampler of Poetic Rage Against Cancer (poems, 2011)

Alex Kochkin
From Naught Anew (poems, 2014)

Eileen Kostiner
The Way the Spirit Lies (poems, 2004)

Judy Kronenfeld
light lowering in diminished sevenths (poems, 2012)

Joan Kunsch
Playing with Gravity (poems, 2007)

Pam Lacko
Laughing in the Face of Cancer (a memoir, 2011)

Susannah Lawrence
Just Above the Bone (poems, 2016)

Kenneth Lee
Sweet Spot (poems, 2012)
Lake Effect (poems, 2014)

Ann Mirabile Lees
Night Spirit (poems, 2012)

David Leff
The Price of Water (poems, 2008)
Depth of Field (poems and photographs, 2010)

Gregory LeStage
Small Gods of Summer (poems, 2013)

Mary Leonard
The Sweet & Low Down (poems, 2010)

Suzanne Levine
Haberdasher's Daughter (poems, 2010)
Grand Canyon Older Than Thought (poems & prose poems, 2016)

Rebecca Lilly
A Prism of Wings (haiku, 2013)
Light's Reservoir (haiku, 2013)

Tom Mallouk
Nantucket Revisited (poems, 2013)

Srinivas Mandavilli
Gods in the Foyer (poems, 2016)

William H. Matchett
Airplants (poems, 2013)

Laura Mazza-Dixon
Forged by Joy (poems, 2016)

Eleanor McQuilkin
Every Sky (poems, 2003)

Rennie McQuilkin
Counting to Christmas (Christmas poems, 2002)
First & Last (poems, 2006)
Getting Religion (poems, 2005)
Learning the Angels (poems, 2003)
North Northeast (poems & illustrations, 2007)
Passage (poems, 2005)
Private Collection (poems & writer’s guide, 2006)
The Weathering (New & Selected Poems, 2009)
Visitations (New & Selected Poems, 2009)
Going On (New & Selected Poems, 2015)
A Quorum of Saints (New & Selected Poems, 2016)
Dogs (Poems & Drawrings by Don Nance, 2017)

James B. Mele
Dancing in Eurynome’s Shoes (poems, 2017)

Nancy Fitz-Hugh Meneely
Letter from Italy, 1944 (poems, 2012)

Susan T. Moss
In from the Dark (poems, 2014)

Victoria T. Murphy
In Defense of Worms (poems, 2014)

Marilyn Nelson
The Meeting House (poems, 2016)

Patricia Horn O'Brien
When Less Than Perfect is Enough (poems, 2012)

Lana Orphanides
Searching for Angels (poems, 2015)

Jim Pearce
Slant Light (poems, 2007)
October's Gallery (poems, 2013)

Paul Petrie
The Collected Poems (poems, 2014)

Garrett Phelan
Outlaw Odes (poems, 2015)

Mollie Pilling
Journeys (poems, 2010)

Pit Pinegar
The Physics of Transmigration (poems, 2005)

Curt Plaskon
Life: Still the Greatest Show on Earth (poems, 2015)

Norah Pollard
In Deep (Poems, 2013)
Death & Rapture in the Animal Kingdom (Poems, 2009)
Leaning In (poems, 2003)
Report from the Banana Hospital (poems, 2005)
Norah Pollard reading from Leaning In (CD, 2003)
Norah Pollard reading from Report from the Banana Hospital (CD, 2005)

John Popielaski
A Brief Eureka for the Alchemists of Peace (poems, 2005)

Wanda S. Praisner
Sometimes When Someone Is Singing (poems, 2014)

Bruce Pratt
Boreal (poems, 2007)

Diana M. Raab
Listening to Africa (poems, 2012)

Ellen Rachlin
Until Crazy Catches Me (poems, 2008)
Permeable Divide (poems, 2017)

Geri Radacsi
Tightrope Walker (poems, 2007)

Jarold Ramsey
Thinking like a Canyon (New and Selected Poems, 1973-2010)

Kenton Wing Robinson
The Water Sonnets (poems, 2008)

Kenneth S. Robson
Big Dipper (poems, 2012)

Chivas Sandage
Hidden Drive (poems, 2012)

Jean Sands
Gandy Dancing (poems, 2009)
Close But Not Touching (poems, 2017)

Peggy Sapphire
In the End a Circle (poems, 2009)

Maria Sassi
Rare Grasses (poems, 2015)

Jane Schapiro
Let the Wind Push Us Across (poems, 2017)

V. Jane Schneeloch
Turning Over Leaves (poems, 2015)

Elizabeth Schultz
The Quickening (poems, 2014)

Vera Schwarcz
Chisel of Remembrance (poems, 2009)
Ancestral Intelligence (poems, 2009)
The Physics of Wrinkle Formation (poems, 2015)

Paul Scollan
Liberty Street Hill (poems, 2010)
Unaccounted For (poems, 2015)

Alexandrina Sergio
My Daughter Is Drummer in the Rock ’n Roll Band (poems, 2009)
That's How the Light Gets In (poems, 2013)

Myra Shapiro
12 Floors Above the Earth (poems, 2012)

Joan Seliger Sidney
Bereft and Blessed (poems, 2014)

Karen Silk
Somewhere a Bird (poems, 2012)

Gretchen Schafer Skelley
A Wheel in a Wheel (poems, 2011)

Jocelyn Sloan
Geisha (tanka poems, 2007)

Lisa Sornberger
Returning Light (poems, 2008)

John L. Stanizzi
Ecstasy Among Ghosts (poems, 2007)
Sleepwalking (poems, 2008)
Dance Against the Wall (poems, 2012)

Seth Steinzor
To Join TheLost (poems, 2009)

Ann Anderson Stranahan
Window On The River (poems, 2011)

Bernita Woodruff Sundquist
Across the Divide (poems, 2016)

JoAnne Taylor
Knit Together: An Orphan's Spiritual Journey (a memoir, 2012)

Elizabeth Thomas
From the Front of the Classroom (poems, 2008)

Parker Towle
This Weather Is No Womb (poems, 2007)
World Spread Out (poems, 2015)

Edwina Trentham
Stumbling into the Light (poems, 2004)

Theresa C. Vara
Profligate with Love (poems, 2006)
Through Salt and Time (poems, 2015)

Gerda Walz-Michaels
Stone Walls (poems, 2015)

Kirsten Wasson
Almost Everything Takes Forever (poems, 2011)

Rhett Watts
Willing Suspension (poems, 2013)

Donald H. Werner, Editor
55 Poems by members of the Yale Class of 1955 (poems, 2010)

Allen C. West
Keeping Night at Bay (poems and translations, 2017)

Mame Willey
On the Irreversibility of Time (poems, 2012)

Barry L. Zaret
Journeys (poems, 2012)

Geraldine Zetzel
Traveling Light (poems, 2016)


Our Most Recent Releases

Dog-poems” by Rennie McQuilkin with drawings by Don Nace

Dogs cover image

This is a poet’s and artist’s answer to Cats. The dogs of Dogs (each whimsically illustrated) sing many "Songs of Myself." But are these truly dogs, or all of us in disguise?

Read more about this book and how to order it

Close But Not Touching
Poems by Jean Sands

Dancing in Eurynome’s Shoes
Poems cover image

This posthumous collection of poems written after the publication of Gandy Dancing is wonderfully various, humane, and uninhibited.

Read more about this book and how to order it

Dancing in Eurynome’s Shoes
Poems by James B. Mele

Dancing in Eurynome’s Shoes
Poems cover image

These poems are informed by a passion for the wild places and things of the world as well as high intelligence and appreciation of cultural history.  James Mele is a purely American poet unknown for far too long.

Read more about this book and how to order it

Permeable Divide
Poems by Ellen Rachlin
Permeable Divide cover image

Ellen Rachlin’s new book is intriguing, ingenious, and deftly wrought, a delight to the mind and the spirit.

Read more about this book and how to order it

Keeping Night at Bay
Poems and Translations by Allen C. West
keeping night at bay cover image

The sense of loss informing the elegies in Allen West’s new book is countered by the tenderness they express, the beauty of their lines, and the resilience with which the poet continues to sing, keeping night at bay. 

Read more about this book and how to order it

Look, the Silence
Poems by Barbara Germiat
tonesmith cover image

These beautifully delicate poems are informed by a deftly conveyed sense of loss, but they also contain moments of delicious wit and sudden, unexpected illuminations of joyful light. They make us look more closely.

Read more about this book and how to order it

One Hundred Poems, 2012-2016, by Al Basile
tonesmith cover image

These are beautifully wrought poems by a poet-musician whose music rings clearly in every line and whose energy informs his verse so fully that it all but leaps off the page.

Read more about this book and how to order it

Such Nonsense Indoors
Poems by Cora M. Ekwurtzel
suchnonsense indoors cover image

Writing in a style that is straightforward and conversational, with an eye that captures every nuance and with a wit that doesn’t suffer foolishness, “Cora Ekwurtzel has written extraordinary poems about the metaphysics of ordinary life.”

Read more about this book and how to order it

Lull Before the Storm
A memoir by Miriam Brooks Butterworth
lull before the storm cover image

Consisting of the author’s journal entries and later commentary, this is a harrowing report on people and conditions in 1938 Germany just prior to World War II, when the author spent a summer there, traveling on bicycle and foot.

Read more about this book and how to order it

Ode to My Autumn
Poems by Victor Altshul
Ode to my autumn cover image

This is a book that rings all the changes: from nostalgia to satire, from melancholy to joy, from the personal to the ekphrastic, from the traditional to the whimsical. It is as various and as fascinating as life itself.

Read more about this book and how to order it

Let the Wind Push Us Across
Poems by Jane Schapiro
Let the wind push us across cover image

This photo-illustrated book is in the great tradition of the odyssey, as presented by authors from Steinbeck to Kerouac. In their cross-country bicycle trek, the author and her sister endure all sorts of hardships and see both the best and the worst of the U.S.

Read more about this book and how to order it

Poems by Don Barkin
houses cover image

Both domestic and fierce, accessible and resonant, Houses includes many poems that have the audacity to follow traditional patterns of rhyme and meter. Published in many of the country’s leading literary journals, these are poems you won’t want to miss.

Read more about this book and how to order it

Forged by Joy
Poems by Laura Mazza-Dixon
forged by joy cover image

Showing how the cauldron of grief and despair can produce hard-earned joy wrought on the anvil of courage and faith, the poet has forged a book to inspire all who yearn to move past seemingly insurmountable losses.

Read more about this book and how to order it

The Widest Eye
Poems by Brooke Herter James
the widest eye cover image

In their lively combination of wit and wisdom, these poems ring every change from jubilation to grief, with love for all of creation as an underlying continuum.

Read more about this book and how to order it

Journey into Space
Poems by Ina Anderson
journey into space cover image

How rich an experience it is to share the superbly presented jubilations, griefs, thrills and shocks of recognition in Ina Anderson’s journey into the space of a life lived to the hilt.

Read more about this book and how to order it

Grand Canyon Older Than Thought
Poems and Prose Poems by Suzanne Levine
grand canyon older than thought cover image

This is a sprightly excursion through life's foibles and joys, the dark and light of the world in which the author lives with extraordinary verve, insight, and exuberance.

Read more about this book and how to order it

The Meeting House
Poems by Marilyn Nelson
the meeting house cover image

By focusing on the history of the First Congregational Church in Old Lyme, CT, Marilyn Nelson presents not only ecclesiastical history but also a report on slavery and bigotry in a presumably enlightened part of the Union. Her dismay is leavened by generosity of spirit.

Read more about this book and how to order it

Traveling Light
Poems by Geraldine Zetzel
traveling light cover image

These poems pull no punches, delineating graphically life’s difficulties and losses but also savoring its saving graces. Delicious leavenings of humor and joie de vivre permeate this new book by an author who has lived life to the hilt.

Read more about this book and how to order it

A Quorum of Saints
New & Selected Poems by Rennie McQuilkin
a quorum of saints cover image

“This may be the most unusual and entertaining Lives of the Saints ever written.” – Eamon Grennan.

Read more about this book and how to order it

Toward the Hanging Tree
Poems of Salem Village by Ginny Lowe Connors
toward the hanging tree cover image

This is a devastating and inspiring book that depicts the depths to which the human spirit can descend but also exalts the courage and humanity of that spirit in the reactions of many to the Salem witch hunt of 1692.

Read more about this book and how to order it

Just Above the Bone
Poems by Susannah Lawrence
just above the bone cover image

Opposites cohabit happily in the poems of Just Above the Bone: the wild and the civilized, sorrow and joy, intellect and sensuality. Reading this cornucopia of poetry will leave you more aware, more in love with all the world has to offer.

Read more about this book and how to order it

Across the Divide
Poems by Bernita Woodruff Sunquist
across the divide cover image

Though death is a constant and joy hard-earned in these poems, the joy they present is so gorgeous that we leave them as uplifted as the mountains and western expanses that inform this remarkable book.

Read more about this book and how to order it

CALLED: The Making & Unmaking of a Nun
a memoir by Marge Rogers Barrett
called the making and unmaking of a nun by marge rogers barrett

Margaret Rogers grew up in a large family in a small town on a prairie in Minnesota, lively and free-spirited. But in high school, God called her, and in 1963 she entered a convent to become Sister Zoë. And then she was called again. This is her story.

Read more about this book and how to order it

Gods in the Foyer
Poems by Srinivas Mandavilli
gods in the foyer by srinivas mandavilli cover image

These poems juxtapose opposites in startling ways: joy and sorrow, the new world of Connecticut and the old world of India, the life of a renowned pathologist and the life of a poet. The uncertainty sometimes described in the poems is belied by the self-assurance of their lines. Such clear, vivid work is a joy.

Read more about this book and how to order it

Rutted Field of the Heart
Poems by Priscilla Wear Ellsworth
rutted field of the heart by priscilla ellsworth cover image

These are courageous, finely wrought poems expressing anguish, love, and hope following the loss of a husband after many years of blessed marriage. They are imbued with faith in the natural world and belief in the importance of family.

Read more about this book and how to order it

Ankle Deep and Drowning
Poems by Anne Magee Dichele
ankle deep and drowning by magee dichele cover image

The early poems in Ankle Deep and Drowning express a sense of loss and yearning but are dispelled by a breakthrough of “the goodness of it all.” In the end, the poems in this exhilarating volume affirm the power of love and the “glorious abundance” of things.

Read more about this book and how to order it

The Physics of Wrinkle Formation
Poems by Vera Schwarcz
the physics of wrinkle formation by vera schwarcz cover image

In this new book, a fascinating foray into medical and scientific lore is combined with a highly charged, moving series of elegies which morph toward poems offering ways of prevailing over grief.

Read more about this book and how to order it

Through Salt and Time
Poems by Theresa C. Vara
through salt and time by theresa vara cover image

Extremes of feeling permeate these poems, which run the gamut from sheer grief to pure joy. Happily, they move out of the darkness and into the light of full blown love.

Read more about this book and how to order it

Outlaw Odes
Poems by Garrett Phelan
rare grasses by maria sassi cover image

The poems in this fine first book balance deftly on a high wire stretched between outlawing and “inlawing,” between distrust of establishmentarianism and a passionate defense of all those treated unfairly by circumstance.

Read more about this book and how to order it

Rare Grasses
Poems by Maria Sassi
rare grasses by maria sassi cover image

These poems ring all the changes, all the joys and sorrows of a life lived to the hilt. We are gifted with love poems, praise poems, ekphrastic poems and moving elegies. They are formal, they are free; they are very Italian, they are entirely American. They are a blessing.

Read more about this book and how to order it

Flood Patterns
Poems by Jessica Gigot
my riastrad by kevin hogan cover image

These poems vividly depict a lowland place and its people in the farthest northwest corner of the country. As Kevin Craft writes, “The poems are informed by the determined if contested optimism of someone who knows the ground she walks on and its potential to yield both bounty and treachery.”

Read more about this book and how to order it

My Ríastrad
Poems by Kevin Hogan
my riastrad by kevin hogan cover image

If you are not bi, you may want to be when you finish these beautifully bi-attitudinal poems ranging from battle frenzy (“ríastrad”) to gentleness, from hurt to courage, horror to humor, disillusion to hope for a better world.

Read more about this book and how to order it

Poems by Emily H. Axelrod
passerby by emily axelrod cover image

The poet sees clearly the grime, the grief and danger of the world, but her vision is essentially a redemptive, celebratory one. Her poems are informed by moments of reunion and by childhood joys. We are offered epiphanies that find beauty in the midst of turmoil.

Read more about this book and how to order it

Turning Over Leaves
Poems by V. Jane Schneeloch
turning over leaves by jane schneeloch cover image

Humanity, divinity, and wit underlie these “nature poems,” which belie the term, since their energy and occasional descents into darkness are not common in poems about the beings of wood and field the poet celebrates, along with friends living in harmony with nature. This is a field guide for life we should all carry with us.

Read more about this book and how to order it

Food for a Journey
Poems by Tom Gannon
food for a journey by tom gannon cover image

Having lived many lives, Tom Gannon sees with the eyes of a priest, journalist, attorney, and artist. He is a Renaissance poet journeying through a world that fascinates, appalls, and delights him. His long-awaited first book is rich in variety, wit, and passion.

Read more about this book and how to order it

A Wilderness of Chances
Poems by Michael Cervas
a wilderness of chances poems by michael cervas cover image

Not shirking the heart of darkness, Michael Cervas still glories in ecstatic moments such as the vision of a "plain white van" on the Mass. Pike advertising 1-800-RENEWAL. He celebrates renewals of all kinds, his words aptly joined by gorgeous lotus photographs by Jane Tomasello Toner.

Read more about this book and how to order it

Unaccounted For
Poems by Paul Scollan
Unaccounted For poems by Paul Scollan cover image

Like Sherwood Anderson’s Winesburg, Ohio, the poet’s hometown stands for more than itself. In all their vivid specificity, its people and places achieve mythical dimensions, though always in down-to-earth language. The same is true of all the unsung heroes in this set of entirely American praise songs, which depict the pain and joy of life in unvarnished terms.

Read more about this book and how to order it

Stone Walls
Poems by Gerda Walz-Michaels
Stone Walls by Gerda Walz-Michaels cover image

In a series of exceptionally honest, revealing, emotionally charged poems, we are taken from the joyful though sometimes troubled childhood of a young German girl through difficult trials as an adult and finally on to a balanced life combining writing, family and friends.

Read more about this book and how to order it

Searching for the Northern Lights
Poems by Laura Altshul
Searching for the Northern LightsPoems by Laura Altshul cover image

Honest, concise, witty, and heart-felt, these poems are as intelligent as they are humane. They move from delight through loss and grief, arriving in the end at a lovely raison d'etre.

Read more about this book and how to order it

A Tilted World
Poems by Carol Gabrielson Fine
A Tilted World cover image

In these poems, we experience a chronicle of loss, deeply moving in its honesty and courage. Yet the poet continually delights in the sensory experiences of life, which leads naturally to poems of quiet joy and acceptance.

Read more about this book and how to order it

In the Aftermath of Grief
Poems by Harper Follansbee, Jr.
In the Aftermath of Grief cover image

What a courageous, sad, joyful, honest, and passionate book this is! The poet is Everyman in his experience of childhood's joys and dismays, young manhood's delights and tragedies, and the saving grace of love amidst the beauties of the natural world.

Read more about this book and how to order it

Kilco Co
A Vietnam Memoir by Les Kay
Kilco Co cover image

The poetic vignettes in this memoir of a warrior are the work of a man who fought and bled for his country, a country that betrayed him but which he continues to love as he loves his fellow marines, though he suffers from PTSD, which has made his life a bunker to defend against the continuing onslaughts of an invisible enemy.

Read more about this book and how to order it

World Spread Out
Poems by Parker Towle
World Spread Out cover image

These poems burst with love—for mountain and lake, for the joys and mysteries of childhood and early love, for friends and family members lost and for those who sustain the poet in his later years: children, grandchildren, and most of all the poet’s wife of many years, to whom the book is dedicated.

Read more about this book and how to order it

The Case of the Restless Redhead
Poems by Anne Carroll Fowler
The Case of the Restless Redhead
Poems by Anne Carroll Fowler

In this terrifying, beautifully written, entirely unconventional history in verse, the senseless and brutal murder of the author’s beloved grandmother is depicted from many perspectives, sparing no one but also being entirely fair to the perpetrators and presenting a loving tribute to the author’s namesake.

Read more about this book and how to order it

Going On
New & Collected Poems by Rennie McQuilkin
Going On
New & Collected Poems by Rennie McQuilkin cover image

In this sequel to The Weathering, McQuilkin offers over two hundred new poems, many written during the past six years, along with the addition and revision of earlier work. The book reflects the exuberant, sensuous, often witty way he does battle with the powers of destruction, denial, and death, finding ways of prevailing despite and even because of them.

Read more about this book and how to order it

My Felonious Friends
by Miriam Brooks Butterworth

Mims Butterworth tells of friendships with felons of several stripes, friendships based on her belief that felons share the hopes and fears common to all humanity. She makes a compelling case for reforms in our judicial system, informed in part by observation of prison systems in Central America, which she visited often.

Read more about this book and how to order it

Life: Still the Greatest Show on Earth
by Curt Plaskon

These are poems culled from a life passionately lived. Their wisdom comes from a man who sees clearly the atrocities life visits upon us and still has faith and philosophical resolve enough to call life the greatest show on earth. Curt Plaskon sings praise songs in the face of disaster. Here, love is stronger than its Adversary.

Read more about this book and how to order it

Singing with Starlings
Poems by Victor Altshul
Altshul cover

Joyful and anguished, witty and lyrical, passionate and philosophical, this second book is a romp, a descent into the Abyss, a flight into song, an outcry against the willful ways of the world, and a lover’s shout-out. Always, these poems have the utter honesty of one who knows by heart the depths and dancings of the human spirit.

Read more about this book and how to order it

Searching for Angels
by Lana Orphanides

The angels in this newest book by Lana Orphanides are both worldly and otherworldly: lovers, newborns and nereids as well as visitors from another sphere. The delights of “heavy, soft bellied earth,” with its sensual intoxications and local habitations are set against the omnipresence of an extraterrestrial dimension. Both are “what give the heart ease” in a book that is a universal celebration.

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This Sliding Light of Day
Collected poems by Nicholas Giosa
Sliding Light of Day cover

In this generous collection of verse from a richly varied lifetime, Dr. Giosa looks facts squarely in the face, accepting with good grace and wit the brevity of life and primacy of nature, but also praising the glories of our brief residence on Earth. In poems both philosophical and visceral, richly allusive and down to earth, he values love above all else, decries the folly of egoism, and calls on us to seize the joys of the day.

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The Uncommon Nativity of Common Things
by Katharine Redfield Carle

In her third book, Katharine Carle presents us poems by turns raucous and religious, witty and lyrical, iconoclastic and philosophical. A tomboy become a devoted mother, she looks back to the past nostalgically but forges into her 85th year with “a joy, an exulting.” A continuing undercurrent in the book is the belief that though “we’re made of different colors…no one [is] below, no one above.”

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Gypsy Song
by Deming Holleran
Gypsy Song cover

In this much-awaited first book, we are rewarded with poems which refuse to flinch at life’s inevitable disruptions but also revel in its manifold joys. How splendid to find such juxtaposition of honesty and empathy, head and heart, wit and sentiment, philosophy and sensuality!

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In from the Dark
by Susan T. Moss

In these beautifully crafted and deeply felt poems, Susan Moss tells of much that has been lost but also of all that remains a solace: the saving grace of memory, the world of nature, and the continuing presence of good friends, all that allows her to come in from the dark.

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Sometimes When Something Is Singing
Poems by Wanda S. Praisner

Despite their courageous facing of dire fact, these poems open vistas filled with childhood delight and love. While passing through an Inferno portrayed in Dantean detail, they also demonstrate the restorative powers of travel, the ocean, and wild nature. The song of joy, muted at times, always returns.

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The Quickening
by Elizabeth Schultz

These poems take us from the tribulations and terrors of the poet’s early years through a series of losses that call forth her powers of empathy, finally arriving at “gusts and expectations of rapture.” This is indeed the record of a quickening.

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Fresh Voices
Poems by winners of Hill-Stead Museum’s Young Poets Competition

The voices of the five high school poets appearing in this chapbook sparkle with fresh insights.

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From Nought Anew
by Alex Kochkin

These posthumous poems ask questions that many are afraid to ask and express an idealist’s dismay at the world’s destruction of ideals. But they are also in love with a world the poet was about to leave. Alex Kochkin was a philosopher who loved to tango.

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Tasting Precious Metal
Poems by Danny Dover

These poems take us on an expansive journey across ranges of emotional terrain spanning loss, love, nostalgia, and wonder. Danny Dover writes like a prospector, examining any crevice of human nature that might yield a glimpse of something rare and immutable.

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Cliff Walk - Poems and Paintings of Mackinac & Beyond
by Melissa Croghan

If ever there was a book which is pure epiphany, this is it! We are presented with the blessings of an island where motorcars are not allowed and where forebears, family, and all manner of islanders (dogs, horses, and bats not least of all) are intensely alive, whether past or present.

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In Defense of Worms
Poems by Victoria T. Murphy

As the title suggests, these poems can be witty, irreverent, lots of fun. But they can also be nostalgic and lyrical. In short, this book – one that includes translations and a good many poems inspired by fly-fishing – is a work for all seasons by a poet whose intelligence matches her poetic sensibility. And she actually rhymes!

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Lake Effect
Poems by Kenneth Lee

Childhood joy, the delights of long marriage, moments of quiet reflection, the losses attendant on aging, and the life-saving gifts offered by the natural world and grandchildren—they are all here in a book that is in itself life-saving.

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The Collected Poems
Paul Petrie

Seldom does a book as important as this one come along. Paul Petrie’s work is greatly admired by many of the country’s major poets and was published in leading journals and magazines, as well as in his eleven poetry collections. The work is astounding in its emotional depth, range of emotion, and variety of form.

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Bereft and Blessed
Poems by Joan Seliger Sidney

Focusing on the twin holocausts of Multiple Sclerosis and the Final Solution of World War II, the poet shows that being doubly bereft has led to double blessing through her determination to survive and the very act of recording the past in poems that make this book such a blessing.

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Coming Back
Poems by Joan Hofmann

Joan Hofmann’s first chapbook looks loss squarely in the face but also depicts the restorative powers of the natural world in lush detail. At its heart is a hard-won joie de vivre.

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The Overgrown Copse
Poems by Jane D'Arista
Migrations by Phyllis Beck Katz cover

In the gorgeously honest, passionate and vivid poems of The Overgrown Copse, Jane D’Arista records her lifelong search for an Eden, a home—however temporary—and the mixed blessings that come with that search. In the end, joy trumps distress.

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Willing Suspension
Poems by Rhett Watts
Rhett Watts cover

These are the poems of a humanist who embraces all arts and sciences, one whose desire to know moves her closer to family both past and present, then expands outward to focus on the lives and work of artists and sages. Her world view excludes neither the terrors of war nor life’s manifold joys. This book is itself a manifold joy.

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Poems by Phyllis Beck Katz
Migrations by Phyllis Beck Katz cover

These brilliant poems consider life’s emotional and physical migrations. The author counters the sometime perils of such migrations with the consolations of the natural world and memories of less unpredictable times.

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Stunned by Illumination
Poems by Jeanne Weston Cook

Like Frost, Jeanne Weston Cook has been one "acquainted with the night." But despite the sorrows darkening her book, she has been stunned by the illumination of the world’s beauty. In the end, her book is a Song of Joy.

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Selected Poems by William H. Matchett

What a generous selection from the poet’s several books written over a long writing career, including “Water Ouzel,” which received national acclaim after appearing in The New Yorker. We are fortunate to have this compilation from one of the country’s foremost poets.

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October's Gallery
Poems by Jim Pearce

These poems “ring the changes” from joy to sorrow to irony, but beneath such variety the world of nature remains a saving grace. There is a generous spirit creating the music in this most harmonious of books.

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Waiting for Wisdom
Poems by Anne Magee Dichele

These are strong, honest poems that do not shy away from the pain life doles out, but face that pain with such philosophy, joie de vivre, and generosity of spirit that they have much to teach us.

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